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NMF | Web design Basel, search engine optimisation agency
Webdesign Basel

Swiss agency for new media, web design and online marketing

Web design and new media since 1998

New Media Factory, short NMF, is a multimedia team equally committed to creativity as well as efficiency. The services we offer meet all the crucial requirements of the New Media field. The following is an introduction to us, our activities and to what we have on offer. We wish you an enjoyable surf through our homepage,
Your New Media Factory team.

The New Media Factory LLC helps you not to loose track in the jungle of constant changing and evolving technologies. We advise you in a proficient and comprehensive manner about the advantages and possibilities of the new medias – so that you are optimally equipped and ready for the future.

Analysis and Conception
We analyse your strategies and goals in order to develop a customised internet or multimedia concept which will able you to acheive these in a quickly and cost-effective way.

The New Media Factory LLC is specialised in professional design with easy user guidance and innovative technology. We closely follow your Corporate Identity or develop a distinctive appearance for your company. In doing so, we follow the device „Form follows function“ and see design as an aim for communication supported by a website or Cd-Rom/DVD and to help the user find information quick and easy. We try to avoid unnecessary graphical effects and use animations only when they are really necessary.

Development and Programming
The New Media Factory LLC implements your multimedia project. To this belongs the development of graphical design, animation, audio/video and programming of the required software and database. The New Media Factory uses preferentialy the Java platform independent computer programming lanaugage. Besides Java, are used the following languages and technologies DHTML, XML, ActionScript, Perl, PHP, ASP and Lingo for client, server- and offline development.

Relational databases such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and MS-Access are used to save and administrate information.

To integrate sound, music, video and animation, the New Media Factory uses software pacakges like Flash, Macromedia Director and QuickTime.

Starting from a small shop and up to a huge „supermarket“ with database connection, the New Media Factory provides you everything which you require to be present and do business on the Internet. The New Media Factory advises you and develops with you a cusomised e-commerce solution based on your necessities. This could be with the famous osCommerce software, or any other open source e-commerce solution or even a self developped implementation.

Content Management
No matter if it’s a small or big website, we have the adequate content management solution, which allows you to administrate, actualise or complete easily and conveniently your website with the help of a web browser.
We use the following content management systems:
Boxalino, Cocoon, Day Communiqué, IXOS-Obtree C4, Joomla!, Magnolia, Typo3

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also the nuts and bolts of a professional presence on the Internet. A website is as good as it generates money. Through our strategies for search engine optimisation, your important search terms and keywords will be found on the corresponding websites.

Projects and Activities

SEO Seminars and Workshops

You want to achieve high search rankings? We show you and your employees established knowledge on how to systematically optimize your results.

SEO Seminare und Workshops

Responsive Design – Responsives Webdesign

Responsive design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices./ (Source Wikipedia)

Responsive Webdesign – Responsives Design

Mobile Solutions

Mobile communications business solutions (mobile phone, cellular phone, iPhone) for productivity and flexibility enhancement of your company.

Mobile Solutions - Mobile Technologien

Everyone wants Viral Marketing

What is "viral marketing"? Where and how is viral marketing used? Here is a short explanation including a few of the most successful examples of viral marketing in the world.

Everyone wants to go viral - Virales Marketing

Mailman – Newsletter Tool/Software

The Mailman Newsletter Tool is easy to use and covers all requirements for a sustainable, successful and inexpensive e-mail marketing.

MailMan - Newsletter-Tool/Software

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for a high ranking fo your website and often overlooked.

SEO Agentur – Suchmaschinenoptimierung

youlittle Basel – Drucken in 3D

Opening of the first youlittle 3D photostudio in Switzerland. Thursday 21st of Mai at the store branch Feldbergstrasse 87, Basel.

youlittle Basel – Drucken in 3D
Blaues Sideboard auf Sockel mit Holzumrandung von Westquai

Westquai – Handwerker-Website mit Online-Konfigurator (CMS-Wordpress)

The westquai site offers detailed insights and lots of images of the westquai workshop and their offerings. Tables and sideboards can be easily configured online with the «Online-Konfigurator». Prices will be recalculated in real time.

Westquai – Handwerker-Website mit Online-Konfigurator (CMS Wordpress)
Detailansicht einer Website auf einem Mobiltelefon

Smartphones – mobile versions of websites

It's hard to imagine life today without smartphones. Use of mobile phones with internet facilities continues to increase rapidly worldwide. In order to facilitate our clients a presence in this mobile world, the New Media Factory offers special mobile versions of websites across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to smartphones. To accommodate a clients needs and ideas websites can be duplicated with modifications to the design using responsive web design or a completely new web design can be created which will be custommade to fit smartphones.

Smartphones – Mobile Versionen für Websites
DVD Roche Genetik Lernprogramm – DVD Hülle

Roche Education Program – Interactive CD-ROM

The ”Genetics Education Program”, or GEP, is a ”continuing education” resource comprised of two teaching manuals complementing each other and designed to provide secondary teachers with the methodology, resources and interactive tools to engage pupils in the study and understanding of human genetics and its impact.

Roche – Genetik Lernprogramm (CD-ROM)
Portrait von Clown Dimitri mit Panflöte

Clown Dimitri – Social Media Marketing

With the added benefit of the global Facebook Platform, Clown Dimitri is using the ideal contemporary way of self-promotion. The possibilities of social networking are perfectly combined here with the presentation of products and with a sustainable customer connectivity. The advantages compared to traditional mass media are obvious: low cost, simple production processes and improved usability.

Clown Dimitri – Google+, Facebook und YouTube (Social Media Marketing)

Rennie – Intranet/Flashbanner/Illus

The key message "Turns Acid Into Water" for the Rennie HealthCare product from Bayer was made by NMF using screen design, illustrations and flash animations on the Rennie-Intranet.

Bayer HealthCare – Rennie Intranet Design und Flashanimation
Bildschirmfoto Webdesign XL Bayer HealthCare – Losec Pro Globale Website und Länderseiten

Bayer HealthCare – Losec Pro Intranet, Country Sites and 3D Turntable

The New Media Factory was responsible for the creation and realisation of a website for the internet and for an intranetsite for Losec Pro, a relatively new product from Bayer Health Care. Losec Pro, (known in other countries as Antra, AntraPro, Losecosan, Losec, Moralpro, Xantrazol) is a modern medication used to treat heartburn. Its special effects and characteristics are illustrated in detail on the website through texts, animated graphics and a film.

Bayer HealthCare – Losec Pro Global-Website und Länderseiten (Webdesign)
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé / Gullwing Register #198.040 & #198.043 – Register-Website

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupé/Gullwing
Register 300 SL #040 & #043 from the 1400 cars built, included all the factory dates, original specification when delivered, present location and history.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé / Gullwing Register #198.040 & #198.043 – Register-Website
Screenshot Berocca Boost Motocross Flash Game – Skyline

Berocca Motorcycle Boost – Motocross Game and global website design

Each level introduces a different fancily named surreal landscape: Boost Metropolis, Aloha Drive, Rocky Boost, Apache Valley and Ninja Grove.

Berocca Motorcycle Boost – Motocross Flash Game and global website design
Screenshot Online-Ratequiz «Heisser Stuhl – Heisse Quotes» Titelbild

SF-Rundschau - Multiple Choice Quiz

«Heisser Stuhl - Heisse Quotes». This game for the Swiss television amazes you with an astonishing dynamic, a special background music and a very easy manipulation.

SF-Rundschau – Multiple Choice Quiz
Bron Elektronik – Künstlerisches Foto einer Frau im Wasser

Bron Electronic – Global Websites

Conception, design and realization of the Bron Electronic Websites using the Typo3 Content Management System including product and download pages directly generated from the database.

Bron Elektronik AG – Global-Websites (Webdesign, CMS Typo3)
Logo Pixbird BETA – Vogel, Mond und Berge

Pixbird BETA – Traveling with Google Maps

Pixbird is a social network related with travel, art and adventure, which is directly connected with its geographic location.

Pixbird BETA – Travelling with Google Maps
Aussenansicht vom Acteliongebäude von Herzog & de Meuron in Basel

Actelion – Restora 1 Extranet (CMS Magnolia)

This extranet page lists all available research results of the tested medicine. The goal is to establish the effectiveness and safety of the drug for pateients with chronical primary insomnia.

Actelion – Restora 1 Extranet (Intranetdesign, CMS Magnolia)
Portrait von Clown Dimitri

Clown Dimitri – Webdesign and CMS

Dimitri is still considered one of the world's best clowns who not only makes his public laugh but with his poetic mind and generous heart also deeply touches his audience.

Clown Dimitri – The Official Website (Webdesign, Dreamweaver)
DVD 100 Jahre Zino Davidoff – Aufdruck DVD mit Portrait von Zino Davidoff

Oettinger Davidoff Group – 100 years Zino Davidoff (Media-DVD)

The New Media Factory produced the 100 years birthday DVD of Zino Davidoff for the medias. This DVD contains fotos and texts in four languages searchable and downloadable.

Oettinger Davidoff Group – 100 Jahre Zino Davidoff (Medien-DVD)

Weather forecast Basel (Basle) – Switzerland

The Warteck building tower belongs to one of the bests sight observation platform in Basel. This sight offers a great panoramic view over Basel and its surrounding city. The webcam of the New Media Factory catches in every situation the best shots, always presents its actual picture and the current weather in Basel.

Wetter Webcam Basel – Installation auf dem Warteckturm